Lika Rätt Till Toalett​ is a project that was developed to examine accessibility within Göteborgs cultural sector and society. In August 2017, we were commissioned by Hagateatern​ to help begin the process of building a handicap accessible toilet. We were asked to help investigate the procedures and resources available to make it possible without hindering or disrupting their business.

After conducting numerous research, we soon began to realize the lack of accessibility and the discrimination surrounding as an ongoing issue in the city of Göteborg and in society. We decided that not only did we need to develop a layout plan that ​Hagateatern ​could implement to begin the process of building a handicap accessible toilet, but we needed to raise awareness of the lack of focus, resources and support for accessibility in the social political context.

Because we were allowed the freedom to design and formulate the goals of the project, we determined that we should approach this project in two sectors; the preliminary phase and plan for the construction of the handicap toilet as well as the creation of the event held on 23 november 2017 at ​Frilagret​ in GÖteborg. This report is a detailed account of the process and developmental phases of this project.

Project participants: Lisa Anderssin, Julia Bendz, Alyssa Briteramos, Ida Myhrman, Emma Olofsson, Glenn Udéhn

Läs vår rapport här


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